Information about the types of massage that we offer

What is Traditional massage?

Traditional massage treats the entire body. It is a combination of quiet, deliberately arranged movements, acupressure, reflexology and stretching. Actually Traditional massage is a form of passive yoga.

Stretching and stretching

Stretching movements with the masseuse makes the compounds in your body loose. The muscles are stretched and overall flexibility increases which reduce tensions in the body or even disappear. A Traditional massage is very rhythmic and meditative, both the client and the therapist. Our masseuses are well trained and respect the fact that every body is different; The intensity of treatment is adjusted to your agility. That way, everyone on his or her own level of experience the beneficial effect of a Traditional massage.

Energy flow

Traditional massage is based on a system of energy channels, called Sen. The Sen energy pathways are in communication with the various forms of energy which flows through the body. There are 72,000 Sen in the whole body. 10 are the most important. These are used in practice. Sen have in common with the ‘Nadis (= channel for life energy) of ayurvedic medicine and meridians of Chinese acupuncture. When these energy channels and meridians through massage externally stimulated and treated, this will have a positive effect on the inner well being.

The treatment

The client wears loose, comfortable clothing. The treatment is given to the ground, so that the masseuse is able to execute the selected customer movements that would not be possible on a massage.

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Er zijn vier posities in Traditional massage. De ‘front’ positie (men ligt op de buik), ‘side’ positie (zij-ligging), ‘back’ positie (men ligt op de rug) en de ‘seated’ positie (zit positie). De meeste behandelingen zijn in de ‘front’ positie, met veel aandacht aan de benen. Vooral mensen met rugklachten hebben veel baat bij de behandeling van de energiebanen in de benen. De rug, nek en schouders kunnen in alle posities behandeld worden


Duration of treatment

The Thais believe in long treatment. They say one hour is good, for two hours is better, but three hours is best. Time seems to fly during these sessions and a three-hour treatment never seems to last long, whether you’re the therapist or the client. A treatment can be very effective, even in a brief session.